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Experienced Bilingual IT Network & System Engineer

by Visionary Technologies Company


Bilingualism Time Management Skills. Presentation and Demonstration Skills. Teamwork & Corporation Skills Flexibility & Adaptability Skills Proactive & Initiative skills

Job Description

VTC IT Support service is largely referred to by satisfied customers as IT fire brigade. Our IT Support Specialist generally oversees computer systems for businesses and offers support to the system’s users. Duties and Responsibilities 
  1. Providing Support
VTC’s IT Support Specialist’s main duty is to offer assistance to the computer system and its users. This includes hardware, such as desktop computers, printers, scanners or handheld devices as well as software programs. Our IT Support Specialist generally tracks all instances of support by creating IT tickets using ticket-tracking software. He updates the status of each ticket as he successfully assists each user with their issues. His assistance is conducted in person for internal users or on the phone when assisting external users. At VTC we uphold good customer service skills as salients for IT Support Specialists.
Maintain and Upgrade SystemsVTC IT Support is in charge of keeping current systems updated and running smoothly. Our IT Support is also tasked with upgrading the systems and their components when the need arises. He conducts research and provides cost analysis data when upgrading or purchasing new hardware, software or equipment.
Administer DataVTC IT Support Specialist is tasked with overseeing internal data for the company and external data for our IT Support customers. This aspect of the job includes maintaining, backing up and securing databases, as well as restoring files as needed. IT Support SkillsVTC IT Support manager is technology savvy and enjoys assisting others. He has excellent communication skills and keeps up to date on the latest developments and trends in the industry. Added to this are key skills such as:
  • Has a working knowledge of common information technologies and systems
  •  Manages multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high customer service standards
  •  Communicates complex concepts to a general audience

Troubleshooting common IT problemsVTC IT Support specialist possesses the following advanced skills:·         Experience with technical writing for documentation or instruction·         Hardware and software certification·         Program certifications, Cisco and Microsoft Windows

Job Requirement

  • Qualified candidates must a high school diploma or equivalent and at least 1 year of experience preferably banking or finance sector as a whole
  • Excellent customer services skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills sufficient to interact with a variety of users and other technical staff.
  • Extensive knowledge of hardware/software/OS installation, configuration and networking.
  • Excellent technical knowledge and aptitude in the areas of mobile devices, applicable software, and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Working knowledge and experience with Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • A thorough understanding of Windows 7, 10, Office 2016, 365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Macintosh platforms.
  • A good understanding of systems administration and security principles. Ability to troubleshoot security issues, isolate and repair or rebuild compromised machines.
  • Ability to support and maintain wireless technologies.
  • Must be reliable, team oriented, self-motivated, proactive and able to adapt to change
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to work under pressure and meet inflexible deadlines